Brief history:
The present Neuquen territory was incorporated to the Argentinean Republic after the Military Campaigns carried out after 1879. This was completed by the promulgation of the 1,532 act on October 16 1,884 where it was created, among others, the National Territory of Neuquen. Its geographical limits and administrative organization were established and its first Governor was Col Manuel José Olascoaga. Before that, the territory was part of the Patagonia Government, created on October 14 1,878.

The 4th of July 1,887, Olascoaga established himself in Chos Malal city and by Administrative Order of the Executive Power on 14 May 1,888, it was chosen as capital city.

By National Administrative Order on July 21 1,903 Mr Carlos Bouquet Roldan was appointed as National Territory of Neuquen Governor. He was the main promoter of moving the authorities to Confluencia.

On 1,904, the Argentinean President Julio Argentino Roca and his Ministry of Interior Dr Joaquin V Gonzalez decreed the creation of the new territory capital city on the junction (confluencia) of Limay River and Neuquen River and therefore they moved the government from Chos Malal. From that date on, the Provincial Government house was established in a wood chalet bought to John Wright from Buenos Aires, it was known as the Grey Chalet. It was here where the foundation took place. This house was used by the government offices until 1,929 and later was used by the town government, local court and civil administrative offices among others.

On Jun 1,955 the territory was transformed on a new Argentinean Province and it was on the May 1st 1,958 when the first democratic government was elected by the people.

Sitio Oficial del Gobierno de la Provincia del Neuquén
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